Great facility, good equipment, great staff. Highly recommend.

Jarod M - Paramedic

I am an EMS instructor and recently did my peer monitoring for ACLS with McNeilly EMS and was very impressed with the training center and learned a lot as well to improve future classes. I would highly recommend McNeilly EMS Educators for classes for all levels of healthcare providers.

Meredith C - EMS Instructor

HI just want to thank you both, as well as Jeff and Mike for everything you did for me and the rest of our EMT basic class this summer. I finally took the written exam last night and found out this morning, I passed. Thanks again and best of luck to all the future classes! They will have the best instructors.

Tom EMT - Basic Student

Dave, Hey its Michael from your hybrid EMT course. Figured I would let yah know I passed the written today! Thank you for everything :)

Michael EMT - Basic Student

“Jake, It has been a real pleasure for me to work with such a high caliber professional as yourself. I have commented often to staff on the fact that you really get it.”

Russ Fire Chief

“Hello Jake, Dr. Becker came in and told me how much she enjoyed the class (ACLS). I just wanted to pass that along. :)\"

Maraya Administrator

“Hey Dave, I got my EMT license yesterday morning, couldn’t have done it without your help and that 1,300+ question packet you put together for us. Thanks for everything”.

Michael EMT-Basic Student

“Hello Jake, I passed the test last week. Just want to say you guys run a great EMT course! I will highly recommend you guys! Hope all is well”.

Peter EMT-Basic Student

Jake is a talented instructor and surrounds himself with other talented professionals. He has a complete knowledge of the subject matter he is teaching and is able to teach it to all levels of providers.

Jamie Paramedic

“I just wanted you to know that McNeily’s EMS refresher was excellent. The Content was expertly delivered. I was very impressed. The online with the four hours was a perfect fit. Thank you so much I hope you and your family have a great holiday! Please don’t feel obligated to respond, I just thought you would like some feedback.”

David EMT-Basic

“Good morning Jake, This morning I took the written exam and passed. I am very glad I attended your school. You have a great group of instructors and I feel that they greatly prepared me. I hope all is well”

Charles EMT-Basic Student

“Hi Dave (Raymond),I hope everything is going well. I took the written exam yesterday and got confirmation today that I passed! Thank you for everything I really appreciate it, you did an awesome job with teaching the class.”

Mirwais EMT-Basic Student

“Hi Dave Mondi! I just wanted to inform you that I took the written test this past Thursday and found out today that I passed! Thank you so much for everything, I couldn’t have done this without you. You were an amazing instructor.”

Kim EMT-Basic Student

“Awesome. Jake thanks a ton for all your help, especially for squeezing me in the class last minute. You have a fantastic program and a great core group of instructors.”

Joe EMT-Basic Student

“Hey Jake! Just wanted to thank you for your program! You have good, honest teachers .. I’m thankful I chose to come to McNeillys!!.”

Alyssa EMT-Basic Student

“Hi Jake, I am emailing you in regards to the accelerated class I completed with you guys. I just passed the hands- on practical and am taking the written exam next week. I wanted to thank you guys for providing me with a great experience and a lot of necessary knowledge. Most importantly, I wanted to specifically adress Instructor Dave Mondi. Dave made the class really interesting and cared that we all did well in the class. I’m certainly going to recommend McNeilly EMS to all my other kin students looking to take the class at UMass, in large part because Dave, who made it such an awesome experience. I can’t say enough about how much he taught us and how much of a help he’s been to me preparing for this career.”

Cory EMT-Basic Student

“Dave (Mondi) was incredible, he made me look forward to class everyday. The excessive amount of information was organized very well and the lectures really helped me understand what I could not learn from the reading. The course was fast paced, but not too fast. The course was over much faster than the average course, but the information and material was covered exceptionally well.”

Anonymous EMT-Basic Student